Nurturing V-Steams

A Harmonizing Box of Enchanting Elements

The way to harmony begins with the calibration of our mental and physical framework. Venture from your busy day to focus on nurturing your synergy. With coactive herbal steaming elements and essential vitality techniques, Blush Synergy is the optimum renewing and calming experience.

Steaming Benefits

Steaming with the fusions of a cedar sauna box and formulated herbs, brews thermopeutic properties that revamp a women's natural nectar production and menstrual cycle. Our menstrual activity signals inharmonious issues arising in our body. Nurture your body responses by the non-evasive practice of vaginal steaming.  Women may seek to improve vaginal flora, decrease night sweats/hot flashes, or clear yeast /uti infections. Others seek steaming regiments for conditions such as fibroid's, endometriosis, and fertility complications. Blush Synergy wants you to have a pleasant period and relief from irritable, lingering symptoms from blossoming girls to senior women. With this practice your 'Roots' will become smooth and tight, with your healthiest tint of pink. V-steaming is like a face-lift for your reproductive and excretory systems after a couple of months being on a steaming schedule. You will feel relaxation after sessions and leave feeling revitalized, ready to approach life with synergy!

Some women may not steam, fill out our Client's Blush Synergy form to find out if your eligible!

Cedar 'Petal' Steam Sauna 

Cedar is a coniferous wood that has been used for generations in humid climates. The oils emit a sweet, forest aroma that are pleasant to the senses.  The resistance to water, insects, and excessive heat have contributed to many durable, outdoor furnishings and saunas. Cedar is anti-fungal and withstands spontaneous heat. When deciding the wood, it was clearly cedar as the #1 choice for steaming.



What Our Clients Are Saying

This was my first-time steaming and it felt really good. The warming sensation and nice herbal smell are something I will come back to weekly.

Ashley M.

I love steaming! I now look forward to my menses and how it improves every cycle.

Lauren (Owner)

It really gets things moving down there!"



Opening Hours

The hours on-site will vary to allow time for family obligations. We will arrange a time that works best for you.

Monday: 2pm - 10pm for sessions

Consultations are available with Lauren's hours - see upon scheduling


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The steam sessions provided are a wellness remedy.  These DO NOT replace a women's routine doctor visits and should seek professional healthcare for medical treatments, diagnosis, and prescriptions. As a certified facilitator, steam sessions are safely conducted to meet individual wellness.  These are basic remedies and advanced issues will require a consultation from professionals such as an acupuncturist or peristeam hydrotherapist.  Blush Synergy is not a medical facility and one should seek medical advice and care for serious symptoms with a licensed staff and location.


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