All client's interested in scheduling a vaginal steaming session must complete an intake form in order to receive a proper setup. It is VERY important responses are answered correctly so you can be on the best herbal formula and schedule.  Your facilitator uses the information provided to choose type of session and herbal blend. First-time steamers will ALWAYS do a delicate steam before a general steam when you qualify for that session. 

Contact your vaginal steam facilitator for any questions 



The steam sessions provided are a wellness treatment.  These DO NOT replace a women's routine doctor visits and should seek professional healthcare for medical treatments, diagnosis, and prescriptions. As a certified facilitator, steam sessions are safely conducted to meet individual wellness.  These are basic wellness treatments and advanced issues will require a consultation from professionals such as an acupuncturist or peristeam hydrotherapist.  Blush Synergy is not a medical facility and one should seek medical advice and care for serious symptoms with a licensed staff and location.


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